What We Do

We specialise in 6 core skill sets and apply them to a wide spectrum of Packaging Projects to provide you with a fully integrated service, resulting in a far more simple, effective and responsive supply chain for our customers. Packaging projects include:

  • Product Re-Launches
  • End-to-End Supply Chain Efficiency
  • Premiumisation
  • Design or Production Issues

Our 6 Core Skills

  1. Product Innovation, Creative Design and Sampling
  2. Testing & Pack Performance Evaluation
  3. Value Engineering
  4. Production & Process Optimisation
  5. Manufacturing (inc BRC Food Grade)
  6. Managed and Integrated Bespoke Logistics

How We Do It

We have joint ventures with a number of carefully selected partner factories and our own permanent management, production and support teams onsite.

We have our own, dedicated production facilities enabling us to MANUFACTURE our own product and not just outsource customer production to an independent third party.

We design and control every aspect of the entire process, enabling us to optimise the production processes, minimise reject rates and shorten lead times – reducing costs and risk for our customers.

We are supported by a carefully selected second tier of specialist manufacturers (in the UK, Europe, USA and Far East) who supply us with a wide variety of raw materials and components, made to our own design, specification and performance requirements.